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Want to Volunteer without a Commitment? Here are some easy ways to support CFPA in your spare time.

Easy ways to support CFPA with a low level of commitment

GET OUT THERE! Go for a hike, walk, or run on your favorite Blue-Blazed Hiking Trail!

  • Bring along a trash bag and collect litter you find. Keeping your favorite trails clean will help others enjoy these special locations even more! Take a photo of your haul and send it along.
  • Keep your eyes peeled for issues with the trail and let us know the conditions you experience on the Trail Report Form. With 825-miles of hiking trails to monitor and maintain, we rely on trail users such as you to let us know if there are issues that need to be addressed! Help us find these issues and correct them quickly.
  • Attend a CFPA Ramble or education program and bring a friend! CFPA has various funding opportunities based on the public engagement our events have so be sure to join us whenever you are able.
  • Join us at a public work party. With events ranging from painting blazes to building rock staircases, there are events suited for all levels of fitness. Work parties are held throughout the state from March to October (weather dependent) so keep an eye on the Volunteer Opportunities Calendar for an event in your area. Not seeing an event that suits you and have a group of 8 to 15 you can recruit? We can potentially plan a private work party; just get in touch with our Manager of Events and Volunteer Engagement, Liz Fossett.


  • Become our Facebook Friend, follow us on Instagram and Twitter, and check out our YouTube Videos. Be sure to share our posts, photos, and videos with your social media community too!
  • Encourage your friends and family to donate and become a member or, better yet, buy your loved ones a gift membership! 
  • Make sure you are on the CFPA Email List and share our announcements with your community.