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Volunteer Time Reporting

Thank you for your time

Thank you for your time! We greatly appreciate the choice you have made to volunteer with the Connecticut Forest & Park Association (CFPA).

Please remember to track all volunteer hours you contribute to CFPA's programs, events, outreach efforts, and initiatives. Don't forget get to include your travel time. To report your volunteer hours, please select here to visit the CFPA Volunteer Portal.

*** PLEASE NOTE: The time reporting system has migrated to the new CFPA Volunteer Portal and the Volunteer Year has been shifted to match the calendar year. Hours from Sept 1, 2019 to Dec. 31, 2019 are being collected as an auxiliary to the 2019 Volunteer Year. If you have hours from your work during the 2019 Auxiliary Volunteer Year that have not been reported to the previous time reporting system, please do so in the Volunteer Portal with the "Date Worked:" field as Dec 31, 2019. Please email info@ctwoodlands.org with any questions.