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The 2017 Volunteer Year Comes to an End at the Volunteer Appreciation Dinner

Beth Bernard, Jasper Sha, and Emma Kravet pose with Juan Sanchez Jr.

Volunteers are at the heart of the great work that the Connecticut Forest & Park Association (CFPA) accomplishes every year. In the 2017 Volunteer Year, CFPA volunteers donated over 27,000 hours (valued at over $800,000 of in-kind work) through many, many activities supporting CFPA’s conservation mission.   Here is a list of a few of these accomplishments:

  • There were 25 trail work parties with help from over 190 volunteers.
  • CFPA offered 8 opportunities for training to our volunteers and over 125 volunteers attended.
  • The Garden Gang had a busy spring and summer establishing and  maintaining a meadow along our entranceway. 
  • The Ramble Guides held 31 Rambles that connected over 400 participants to the trails, walking locations, and open spaces our state has to offer.
  • 13 Land Stewards monitored the over 2,100 acres of open space and forested land which CFPA protects. This work ensures our properties are appropriately utilized and also helps to strengthen CFPA's name in the community.
  • And sooo much more....
We are so very proud of all the accomplishments completed by CFPA Volunteers during the 2017 Volunteer Year, which runs from September 1, 2016 to August 31, 2017. During the Volunteer Appreciation Dinner on November 3, 2017, CFPA hosted a Trivia Contest! The winning team walked away with a prize pack filled will goodies, including over $250 in gift cards. Before the round of trivia, CFPA called attention to the 2017 class of the 100-Hour Club as well as recognized the following volunteers for their outstanding efforts this past year:
  • Rick Huntley – received the "Golden Gloves" for his service to the trails program
  • Juan Sanchez Jr. – honored for his incredible work supporting the Goodwin Conservation Center and the education program as well as for his work establishing the Master Naturalist program
  • Bill Flood – honored for the time and energy he has given towards CFPA outreach and his support of the CFPA twitter page 
  • Eric Lukingbeal – honored for his work on the CFPA Board as President
  • Alexandra Lowry – honored for her commitment to getting people outside and connected to the land with her new and unique programs.
CFPA is so pleased to call this unique and inspiring group of individuals our volunteers. If you would like to see the many different ways you can volunteer for CFPA, start right here

2017 Volunteer Hours Reported:

Land Conservation and Advocacy: 166.51 hours

Education: 713.72 hours

Trails & Trails Day: 21,143.51 hours

Special Events and Association Support: 2,061.27 hours

Goodwin Conservation Center Support: 3,229.55 hours

Total Volunteer Hours Reported: 27,314.86 hours

Volunteer Time in CT is valued at $29.29/hour

The financial value for the time reported in the 2017 volunteer year (Sept 1, 2016 to Aug 31, 2017) $800,052.25