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Meet CFPA Volunteer Lucy Meigs

CFPA Ramble participants get ready to hit the trail

At the Connecticut Forest & Park Association (CFPA) we have many dedicated volunteers who play a vital role in conserving open space and forests, protecting trails, and furthering environmental education. CFPA would not be able to accomplish so much without the generosity of these individuals. A shining example is one of our most enthusiastic CFPA Ramble Guides, Lucy Meigs of Durham.

Lucy has been leading outdoor activities for CFPA even before the inception of the CFPA Rambles (formerly WalkCT Family Rambles) in 2007. She is passionate about sharing her love of the natural world with others through interesting facts and fun stories, and believes that having a personal connection with nature is the best way to ensure that people care enough to preserve special places.

Lucy enjoys the challenge of leading CFPA Rambles, including figuring out how to engage both kids and adults in exploring the world around them. She often leads annual springtime Frog Friday Rambles, which are among her favorite outdoor adventures. “I enjoy such amazing hikes in the spring, I can't help but want to share the experience.” said Lucy. “A perfect example is when you are out and nature seems to say, ‘you are doing good stuff and I am going to show off when you bring people out today'. Despite the low temperatures that can occur in early spring [in the 40s], wood frogs will quack, pileated woodpeckers can be seen at fairly close range, lots of wood frogs and wood frog eggs can be observed. Nature will provide something that will captivate everyone—from ages four to mid-70s.”

CFPA and the residents of Connecticut are truly lucky to have an opportunity to experience programs led by such great volunteers like Lucy. In addition to leading CFPA Rambles, Lucy leads a variety of other hikes. She created Everyone Outside and Women of the Woods (WoW) in an effort to connect even more people with nature. If you see her on the trail, be sure to say hello and thank you!