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Meet CFPA Librarian, Mal Bochner

Featured in the Aug 2017 Rock, Root & Trail

Volunteers do all sorts of fun things at CFPA. Most toil on trails, some lead hikes, others teach … but only one maintains CFPA’s Camp-Ellsworth Library. That unique individual is the fabulous volunteer, Mal Bochner. Since 2003 Mal has organized and cared for the unique collection of books available to members at CFPA’s HQ. Several years ago, CFPA transferred its archive to the State Archive. As a result, the Camp-Ellsworth Library became a reference (no longer a research) library housing nearly 2,000 books and pamphlets focusing on CFPA's mission and core activities. 

The collection is non-circulating and based on the Library of Congress Classification System. Your support, volunteerism, and generosity allow us to offer benefits such as the Camp-Ellsworth Library.  When I asked Mal why he volunteers at CFPA, he said: “Trust placed in me to allow me to reinvent myself as a self-trained librarian AND the professional and collegial staff.” With his dry wit intact, he noted ”The hardest, most difficult and most frustrating part of volunteering at CFPA is making a left turn onto Route 66 at the end of the day!”