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Happy New (Volunteer) Year - Sept. 1, 2016

Excited Volunteers. Photo Credit: Peter Otis

September 1st marks the beginning of the 2017 Volunteer Year so HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! We hope that the 2016 Volunteer Year was fulfilling and that you felt successful in your volunteer service. The CFPA staff certainly consider it a successful year thanks to your great support. We are looking forward to another outstanding year with you.
The 2016 Volunteer Year was once again an incredible year for our trail, advocacy, land conservation, and education programs because of the wonderful and dedicated volunteers aiding in this work. See a few of your accomplishments below.

A few accomplishments from you and your colleagues during the 2016 Volunteer Year:

  • There were 43 trail work parties with help from over 300 of you and your fellow volunteers.
  • CFPA offered 18 opportunities for training to our volunteers and over 130 volunteers attended.
  • The Garden Gang had a busy summer maintaining the beautiful gardens around our headquarters and have even begun to establish a meadow along our entanceway. 
  • Two new volunteer positions were added, Activity Leader and Habitat Steward.
  • The Ramble Guides held 38 Rambles that connected over 600 participants to the trails, walking locations, and open spaces our state has to offer.
  • The Junior Conservation Ambassador program was offered again this year and 16 students were able to connect to the land thanks to a volunteer organizer and the support of volunteer presenters
  • 21 Land Stewards monitored the 2,100+ acres of open space and forested land which CFPA protects. This work ensures our properties are appropriately utilized and also helps to strengthen CFPA's name in the community.
  • And sooo much more....

If you ever have questions, concerns, thoughts, or ideas, feel free to contact Liz Fossett by emailing lfossett@ctwoodlands.org or by calling (860)346-8733. 

Thanks again to all of the CFPA Volunteers for another terrific year!


Give us feedback on the Annual Volunteer Dinner.
Submit the hours you have given since Sept 1, 2015 to the Time Reporting Website by the end of September (be sure you use the correct Volunteer Year).
Nominate your fellow volunteers for awards
Share photos of your service by emailing Liz at lfossett@ctwoodlands.org.