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CFPA Volunteers Donate Over 30,000 Hours in 2014

CFPA celebrates its dedicated volunteers

Volunteers are at the heart of the great work that the Connecticut Forest & Park Association (CFPA) accomplishes every year. In 2014, CFPA volunteers donated over 30,000 hours (valued at over $790,000 of in-kind work) through many, many activities supporting CFPA’s conservation mission.

At CFPA’s Volunteer Appreciation Dinner on November 7, 2014, CFPA called attention to the 2014 class of the 100-Hour Club as well as recognized the following volunteers for their outstanding efforts this past year:

  • Elizabeth Buckley – named “Outstanding Trail Manager” for her work on the Naugatuck Trail
  • Rob and Megan Clark – named “CFPA Naturalists” for their work on the Science Sunday educational program
  • Paul Mei – received a special award copy of “America’s Great Hiking Trails” for his years of great service to the Blue-Blazed Hiking Trails and to the New England Trail specifically
  • Hector Morera – named “Outstanding New Trail Manager” for his efforts restoring the Mattatuck Trail
  • David Reik – named “Outstanding CFPA Volunteer” for his work monitoring and documenting the trails
  • Chuck Sack – named “Outstanding CFPA Volunteer” for his leadership and longevity on the CT Trails Day Weekend Committee
  • Juan Sanchez – named “Goodwin Naturalist” for his ongoing work on the educational programs at Goodwin
  • Ken Sherrick – named “Outstanding CFPA Volunteer” for his work on the CFPA grounds and gardens
  • Tom Tella – named “Outstanding New Trail Manager” for his work on both the Finch Brook and Mattatuck Trails
  • Lynne Warren – named “Outstanding Goodwin Volunteer” for her work at the Goodwin Forest Conservation Education Center

A number of award recipients were not able to accept their award at the Volunteer Dinner. CFPA is proud to honor:

  • Eric Bengtson – named “Trail Blazer” for his tireless work on the new Aspetuck to Saugatuck trail connection
  • Patrick Byrne – named “Outstanding Youth Volunteer” for his contributions upgrading the grounds of CFPA headquarters
  • Judy Flanagan – named “Outstanding Advancement Volunteer” for the great support she has given to the Annual Run for the Woods event
  • Chris Lawton – named “Trail Blazer” for his leadership of the Eastern Roving Trail Crew
  • Eric Lukingbeal – named “Outstanding CFPA Volunteer” for his leadership as the President of the CFPA Board of Directors
  • Eric Peters – named “Outstanding Advancement Volunteer” for his work around the office supporting the administration of the organization
  • Robert Schoff – honored with the “Oak Award” for his many years of service to the organization in countless capacities

CFPA is so pleased to call this unique and inspiring group of individuals our volunteers. If you would like to see the many different ways you can volunteer for CFPA, start right here