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Another Great Volunteer Orientation was Held April 2nd!

Volunteers are one of the Connecticut Forest & Park Association's most valuable assets. Our volunteers do so many different things; they dig trail, monitor property, educate their communities and the next generation, and even stuff envelopes. The time that is donated to this organization is tremendous and CFPA is successful in our efforts as a staff because of the support from our volunteers.

In order for our volunteers to feel connected to the work they do and understand the various departments of the organization, CFPA offers two Volunteer Orientations a year. These are full day events with two half day sessions. The morning session gives and general overview of CFPA and is typically followed by a few position specific sessions in the afternoon.

On April 2, 2016, CFPA held an orientation session for people interested in becoming volunteers. Over 25 people woke up early on a Saturday to hear about CFPA's various exciting volunteer opportunities. Participants learned about many positions, from being a CFPA Ambassador to becoming the CFPA Handyman (or woman) and everything in between. The participants were welcomed to the event with pastries and coffee and the morning was kicked off with a roaring game of People Bingo.

The morning session was followed by a lunch for the attendees. Then there were two position specific trainings, one for the CFPA Ramble Guide position and one for the new volunteer position, Habitat Steward. Volunteer Ramble Guide Lucy Meigs and special guest Beth Lapin led the Ramble Guide training for eight volunteers. They took the participants into Highlawn Forest to go over a few fun activities our guides can use during their events. Staff member, Liz Fossett, and special guest Katherine Kosiba led the training for nine Habitat Stewards.

Connecticut Forest & Park Association would like to thank the participants of this Volunteer Orientation. We look forward to working with you.

The next Volunteer Orientation will be held on September 24th. We hope you will be able to join us for this fun and educational event.