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Welcome to Your Map to Volunteering at CFPA!
Volunteers clearing a trail

If you’re interested in learning more about volunteering for CFPA, or you would like to see available volunteer positions, please visit our Volunteer Portal.

There you can build a profile, sign up for opportunities, and track your hours. The portal is designed to streamline your experience as a volunteer.

If you ever have questions, ideas, or feedback, feel free to contact the office at info@ctwoodlands.org or (860) 346-TREE. Thanks for your interest in volunteering with CFPA!

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Volunteers work on the new Metacomet Turnpike in Farmington.
Our volunteers were heroes in 2020. Read about their accomplishments throughout a challenging year!
CFPA Volunteer Forms
This site is here to support you as a CFPA Volunteer. Please visit here to get copies of any documents or forms you may need.
Thank you for your time
We value your time. Your hours contribute to the enjoyment of woodlands and trails, demonstrate the civic engagement of CFPA volunteers, and serve as an in-kind match for some grants. Please report your hours here.