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Welcome to Your Map to Volunteering at CFPA!
Volunteers clearing a trail

You have taken the first step to joining an enthusiastic and fun group of people. In 2017, CFPA Volunteers dedicated over 27,000 hours, valued at over $805,000, to advocating, educating, monitoring properties, leading recreational programs, and continually improving the 825-miles of Blue-Blazed Hiking Trails.

Be sure to bookmark this page for quick access to the Volunteer Opportunity Calendar, important volunteer forms, and our Time Reporting system (links to these can be found in the three boxes at the bottom of the page).

If you ever have questions, ideas, or feedback, feel free to contact the Manager of Events and Volunteer Engagement, Liz Hughes at lhughes@ctwoodlands.org or (860) 346-TREE. 

Life too busy to commit to a long-term volunteer position? Well, there are lots of ways to lend a hand and most don't require anything more than your participation.
Lance Hansen standing near the charcoal mound demonstration he created at Goodwin State Forest
Lance Hansen lends his skills and time to CFPA in a variety of ways!
You've put in the time, but did you know that your employer may also donate a corresponding amount of cash in your name?
Find out what is coming up on the Volunteer Opportunities Calendar
Find all of the upcoming volunteer opportunities by visiting this calendar. New events are added throughout the year so check back often!
CFPA Volunteer Forms
This site is here to support you as a CFPA Volunteer. Please visit here to get copies of any documents or forms you may need.
Thank you for your time
We value your time. Your hours contribute to the enjoyment of woodlands and trails, demonstrate the civic engagement of CFPA volunteers, and serve as an in-kind match for some grants. Please report your hours here.