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Your Public Lands Win BIG on November 6th

Almost 85% of Connecticut voters voted YES on Question #2 on Election Day 2018, which means that your state-owned public lands are now safe from being sold, swapped, or given away by the CT General Assembly without first receiving adequate input from the public. Here are the English and Spanish versions of Question #2 and what it does as published by the CT Secretary of State.

This is a BIG change from the bad practice the General Assembly has used for years -- giving away public lands at the end of each Legislative session through a last-minute amendment passed without any public input at all. In the future, this will not happen.

Not only is this a huge winning margin for this question, but also you now have the constitutional right of having a public hearing before public lands can be lost through an act of the General Assembly. That is a big deal!

But please understand there is more to do to make sure your public lands stay protected.

Now that you have the right to a public hearing, you also share the obligation to participate when future public hearings are held at the General Assembly regarding the fate of your public lands.

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So, enjoy this landmark victory (and victory for public landmarks), and THANK YOU again for making it possible through your support!