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Walking is #1 Outdoor Activity in CT

Hiker on a Blue Blazed Trail

Every 5 years, the CT Department of Energy & Environmental Protection (DEEP) surveys the existing supply and public demand for outdoor recreation to develop its State Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan (SCORP). The 2017-2022 SCORP for Connecticut is now available here.

Statewide surveys published in SCORP found “walking/hiking” to be the most popular outdoor land-based activity. Nearly nine out of ten (86%) households and two out of three (65%) individuals participated in walking/hiking in the last year.

Not only do the most people participate in walking/hiking as an outdoor activity, but also it was the most frequent activity with almost 4 out of 10 (39%) of households walking or hiking several times a week, and an additional 3 out of 10 (27%) walking or hiking a few times a month.

There were some surprises such as the popularity of geocaching, letterboxing, and/or mobile gaming applications. Not only are two out of 10 (23%) households participating in these activities, but also they are doing so at a significantly high frequency with four out of 10 (41%) engaging in it several times per week.

Surveys also showed interesting differences between the participation levels in outdoor activities based upon gender, age, and income levels. Go here for the full 2017-2022 SCORP

For more information about the importance of funding outdoor recreation priorities like reauthorizing bonding for the CT Recreational Trails & Greenways program and other 2018 priorities contact Eric Hammerling via ehammerling@ctwoodlands.org