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Ask Your Legislator to Co-sponsor SJ 35

YOU are a public landowner because Public Lands like State Parks and Forests are owned by the public (you) and are managed by public agencies on your behalf.

However, your Public Land holdings are diminished every year when the CT General Assembly sells, trades, and gives-away your Public Lands. It’s time to take your stand, and do something about it.

Fortunately, SJ 35, the “Resolution Proposing and Amendment to the State Constitution to Protect Real Property Held or Controlled by the State,” was passed unanimously by the Government Administration & Elections Committee on March 23rd. But this bill needs to get to the Floor for a vote in both chambers, and only 1 month remains in the legislative session.

Your request NOW to your Legislators to co-sponsor SJ 35 is critical to keep the momentum going. 

It is possible that your Legislators have already co-sponsored SJ 35. Go here and scroll down to see the current list of co-sponsors for SJ 35. Your Legislators may have co-sponsored similar resolutions in 2016 or 2017, and you can remind them of this to encourage them to become co-sponsors again.

Following is a note that you can draw from, but please personalize it as much as you can (and please BCC: ehammerling@ctwoodlands.org on your note):

Dear State Senator/State Representative ________,

I am asking you to co-sponsor SJ 35, “Resolution Proposing an Amendment to the State Constitution to Protect Real Property Held or Controlled by the State.”

Public lands like Connecticut’s State Parks and Forests are important to me, yet these special public places are vulnerable every year to being sold, traded, or given away by the General Assembly without appropriate input from the public. That is wrong and needs to be fixed.

[Add your personal statement on why protecting State Parks, Forests, or other public lands in Connecticut is important to you]

SJ 35 would allow me to vote at the ballot box to amend our state constitution to require that before state-owned public lands could be conveyed, there would be a public hearing and a 2/3rds vote for lands held by the Department of Energy & Environmental Protection and the Department of Agriculture. Connecticut’s public lands should never be sold, traded, or given away without input from the public, and I’d appreciate your support of SJ 35.


Your name/town

If you want additional information:

Go here for a Fact Sheet on SJ 35.

Go here for ten good reasons why you should protect your public lands (there are more).

Thank you for your support! If you have any questions, feel free to contact Eric Hammerling, CFPA Executive Director, via ehammerling@ctwoodlands.org.