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Public Policy - More Stories

75 Testify to Better Protect Your Public Lands at Environment Committee 2/19/2016

State Budget Adds Sales Tax to State Park Admissions?! 7/15/2015

Why is CFPA opposed to Sections 3, 13, and 14 of the Conveyance Act? 6/23/2015

2015 Budget Recap 6/30/2015

CFPA Calls for Constitutional Amendment to Protect State Lands 5/18/2015

Not Reading this May Kill You 5/1/2015

Milford Bids to Convert Part of Silver Sands State Park to a Town Parking Lot 3/11/2015

End of 2014 Session Recap 6/17/2014

CT Sales Tax Added to State Park Admissions?! 7/14/2015

Gas Pipeline Project at the MDC 10/5/2015

Natural Gas Pipeline at the MDC Update 10/12/2015

2015 Forest Forum 11/5/2015

Forest Conservation has Big Role in Fighting Climate Change 12/23/2015

CFPA's 2015 Public Policy Efforts 12/31/2015

Full Recap: 2015 Legislative Session 12/31/2015

Gov. Malloy Makes Connecticut a Leader in Trails 1/28/2016

Your Public Lands are Not Protected ... Yet  2/1/2016

Update from the State Capitol 3/15/2016

Legislative Committee Unanimously Supports Protecting Public Lands 3/16/2016

Testify to Keep Your Public Lands from Being Given Away on March 14th 4/19/2016

Push for Cosponsors of Constitutional Amendment bill (SJ 36) is ON 5/2/2016

CFPA Asks You to Save the CEQ! 6/10/2016

Budget Cuts to hurt State Parks this Summer 7/5/2016

Auerfarm State Park – CT's Newest Park Needs Friends 8/24/16

Get Involved with Friends of Auerfarm SP 10/19/2016 

DEEP Commissioner reviews 2016-17 Budget Cuts with Legislators 11/3/2016

Visit 40 Parks in December in One Day 12/1/2016

Your State Parks - Funded or closed? 11/03/2016

Testify to Protect Your Public Lands  02/03/2017

What’s in the Governor’s Budget for Your Parks, Forests, & Trails? 02/10/2017

Why We "Hike the Hill" 03/15/2017

Take a Stand for Your Public Lands 06/06/2017

2016 Legislative Recap 05/05/2016

Can You Save the CEQ? 04/13/2017

Read Your Mail As If Your Trees Depend Upon It 12/30/2014

CT State Park Campgrounds Closed For the Season Sept. 4th 09/01/2017

5 Tips to Be An Effective Advocate 12/30/2014

Passive Management Looks Like This 06/27/2017

Keep the Passport to the Parks in the Budget 09/12/2017

Sustainable Funding or More Neglect? 08/17/2017

Passport to the Parks Please  06/16/2017

Protect Public Lands & Save Parks -- CFPA’s 2017 Priorities 1/6/2017

2018-19 Budget Recap – Tricks or Treats? 11/17/2017

Review CT’s 2017-2022 Outdoor Recreation Plan 12/5/2017

Yes, Your Public Lands can be Lost 12/7/2017

Walking is #1 Outdoor Activity in CT 02/01/2018

Protecting Land Benefits CT Economy 02/02/2018

Camping Reservations are Open 02/09/2018

Celebrate 50 Years of National Trails 02/14/2018

Oppose Sale of Seaside State Park 03/02/2018

Passport and Seaside and Trails, Oh My! 03/12/2018

Ask Your Legislator to Co-sponsor SJ 35 03/15/2018

Fight for Your Public Lands on (5/7) 05/06/2018

Public Lands for State Pensions?! 02/28/2018

ProteCT Public Lands on November 6th 07/25/2018

Your Public Lands Win BIG on November 6th 11/11/2018

Environment Recs for new Governor Published 1/11/2019

Fighting for Your Forests, Parks & Trails in 2019 3/6/2019

13 Proposals to Convey Public Lands 4/29/19

Support Bonding for Trails 7/19/19

2020 Forest Forum 10/30/19