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Protect Public Lands & Save Parks -- CFPA’s 2017 Priorities

Gillette Castle State Park

For 120 years, CFPA has put together annual recommendations on forest, park, trail, and natural resource management priorities for the General Assembly and Governor.

Among the top recommendations in CFPA’s 2017 Conservation Agenda are to 1) amend the CT Constitution to protect public lands from being sold, swapped, or given away by the State without appropriate public input; and 2) save State Parks and Campgrounds from being closed and neglected by establishing a new, secure source of funding for State Parks.

“Eliminating seasonal workers and closing State Parks and Campgrounds would lose Connecticut so much that it makes no sense,” says Eric Hammerling, CFPA’s Executive Director.  “Not only do seasonal workers (who cost about $3 million/year to hire) collect $6 million in direct receipts from people who pay to use State Parks and Campgrounds, but also these iconic places like Gillette Castle State Park generate over $1 billion and support 9,000 jobs every year (according to an economic study by UConn). Further cuts that would result in State Park and Campground closures and further reduce services for the public are reckless, desperate, and would harm the state in many ways.”

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