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CT Trail Use Keeps Climbing

The CT Trail Census at UConn has just released another impactful report documenting increased trail usage in April, May, and June 2020 compared to trail usage during the same months last year.

The COVID-19 Trail Impact Report: April-May 2020 documents that “Overall, three quarters of the trails participating in this study recorded an increase of greater than 50%, compared to April-May 2019.” The COVID-19 Trail Impact Report: June 2020 shows this increased trail usage continuing with more than half of the trails monitored showing increases of more than 65%.

The report also notes that surveys are suggesting that people are starting to avoid the busiest sites and use #CTTrailsLessTraveled as well as resources such as CFPA’s interactive Blue-Blazed Hiking Trails Map to find trail options that are less crowded.

The CT Trail Census website contains reports and stories about trail use, a “look behind the scenes” at the trail use data that is being collected around the state, and even a new podcast called “On the Trail.”

You might enjoy looking at the trail use data for individual trails to get a good guesstimate on how busy a trail may or may not be at particular times of the day and week (of course, depending upon weather and other variables). For example, weekends between 1 and 4 p.m. tend to be the busiest time for trail use, and mornings during the week tend to be less busy.

Stay safe and happy Trails!