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2022 State Conservation Priorities

2022 CFPA Conservation Priorities: State

CFPA has put forward a conservation agenda for Connecticut’s future every year since 1897. Following are CFPA’s top recommendations at the State level for 2022:

State Legislative Priorities

  • Authorize Property Tax Incentive for Private Landowners to Protect Trails.
  • Support climate-related priorities such as “Policy on Resilient Forests for Connecticut’s Future” (PRFCT Future) recommendations.
  • Enable CT DEEP to more effectively partner with nonprofit organizations and address current administrative grant contracting challenges.
  • Ensure public input process for conveying state-owned lands to non-state ownership runs as intended in the state constitution.
  • Update Open Space and Watershed Land Acquisition (OSWA) statute to better define Urban Green and Community Garden program and make other technical corrections.
  • Balance roadside forest health with electric infrastructure resiliency.

State Funding Priorities