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13 Proposals to Convey Public Lands 4/29/19

You may have heard that there is a public hearing on Monday (4/29) before the Government Administration & Elections (GAE) Committee to hear 13 public land conveyance bill proposals.

In past years, we would be girding for battle to ensure public lands with conservation, recreation, or agricultural values would not be given away by the General Assembly. We would be asking you to contact your Legislators and submit testimony voicing your concerns on various bills.

HOWEVER, there is mostly good news to report this year:

  1. None of these public land conveyances involve State Parks, Forests, Wildlife Management Areas, or state-owned farmlands; and
  2. So far, a normal process is being followed that is now guaranteed in the state constitution (after the overwhelming passage of Question #2 in November with ~85% voter support) – a public hearing is happening on separate bills for each proposed public land conveyance.

Though we are generally pleased, we do not suggest that these proposals are perfect. There are a few overarching concerns that we offer in the testimony that CFPA submitted; and we offer a summary of the 13 proposals here (please let us know, of course, if there are elements in any of these proposals that concern you).

**Of course, things could take a turn for the worse, and we won’t be letting our guard down until the Legislative session ends at midnight on Wednesday, June 5th. But at this stage, your dedicated efforts over the last few years are making a difference, and we thank you again for your support!

If you have any questions about CFPA's public policy work or want to get further involved, please email Executive Director Eric Hammerling.