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Since its founding in 1895, CFPA has worked with legislative and community leaders at the Municipal, State, and Federal government levels to establish and protect strong conservation laws for Connecticut.

CFPA is only successful when you get involved by learning about issues and making contact with your legislators.

If you would like to become part of CFPA’s Conservation Public Policy Team, join our email list, and/or contact CFPA's Executive Director, Eric Hammerling, via (860) 346-TREE or ehammerling@ctwoodlands.org.

Talcott Mountain State Park Foliage
The Connecticut state budget for FY 2018 - 2019 was signed into law on Halloween. Find out here whether there were "tricks" or "treats" included for your forests, parks, and trails.
Freedom of Speech - Normal Rockwell
More than 125 organizations have joined forces to ask the CT General Assembly to pass a Resolution (for a 2nd time) in 2017 which would place a proposal on the ballot to amend the CT constitution to protect your public lands.
Amending the constitution is the only way to protect Connecticut's State Parks, Forests, and other public lands from being sold, swapped, or given away without an open, public process. Take action today!
CT State Capitol
The 2017 state legislative session ended with a thud on June 7th, when the Senate failed to move SJ 39 forward. Fortunately, we have one more chance in 2018 to get this critical bill passed and onto the statewide ballot.
Follow the Leader and Find the Bird
For more information about CFPA's public policy priorities, read our Conservation Agenda that is provided to State Legislators every year at the beginning of each session of the General Assembly.
The Passport to the Parks was included in the FY 2018-19 State Budget passed by both chambers of the CT General Assembly. Find out more.