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You Can Help Ensure Forever

Scenic view along the Blue-Blazed Hiking Trails

In the last few years, land trusts have realized that the costs of conserving land can add up quickly. Between purchasing properties, responding to neighbor and property owner requests, driving to and from sites for visits, managing for native and invasive species, paying attorneys fees for enforcement issues, etc. a land trust could spend thousands of dollars in one year on just one property.

This realization has impelled CFPA to create three funds dedicated to ensuring the future of its land conservation program. Funds in the Hibbard Trust are dedicated to the costs of preserving land, resources in the Stewardship Fund help pay for property monitoring and on the ground forestry work, and proceeds in the Cutler Enforcement Fund help pay for legal issues that may arise in the future. Money that is donated helps pay for important projects that would otherwise drain funds from the general operating budget, which helps ensure CFPA’s Land Conservation Program’s long-term sustainability. Protected land is no good if we cannot ensure its management in perpetuity. CFPA is on the right track and getting better every day, but we still need YOUR help. Select here to learn more about these important funds.