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A Winter Tree Reflection

CFPA's Highlawn Forest Conservation Easement

As I walk the trails each week on Highlawn Forest, I reflect on different articles and books that come across my desk. A recent NY Times article was passed on by my mom and it touched on so many of the reasons we all continue to believe so strongly in CFPA's mission.  

“Imagine what we could do with our money, and hours, if we set our phones aside for a year,” begins a provocative article in the New York Times. Author Paul Greenberg speculates about the kinds of things Americans could do with the $1,380 a year and 1,460 hours spent on average on smartphones.

Here’s one example:

“In most Western states, that $1,380 you spent on your phone could buy half an acre of land. In the right conditions, that half acre could easily accommodate 150 trees. A single tree sequesters 48 pounds of carbon a year. It takes about 30 minutes for an amateur forester to plant a tree. If every American smartphone owner used that time and money to plant half an acre of trees, we would sequester about 886 million tons of carbon a year, enough to offset more than 10 percent of the country’s annual emissions.” 

If we can spend our time and money connecting just one person to the outdoors through recreation, getting just one elementary student excited about forestry and wildlife, changing just one lawmakers mindset and protecting just one more acre of CT's special landscapes, than the impact is sure to be exponentially greater!