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The CT Forestry Tour: Experiential Learning at its BEST

2015 CT Forestry Tour Participants and Partners

On this day one month ago, I hiked through an active timber harvest and discussed the benefits of forest management with Connecticut teachers and private landowners. As I think back to this experience, I cannot help but smile and reminisce. I take pride in the work I do with CFPA and I always love getting the opportunity to share my passion and knowledge with others. CFPA’s CT Forestry Tour Program allowed me to do just that. This unique 3-day opportunity fully immersed participants in experiential learning in the field. 

Participants saw and experienced the wide range of management opportunities in Connecticut forests and left with a better understanding of why and how these opportunities are pursued by state, non-profit and private landowners. Some highlights included visiting a private landowner in Litchfield who showed us the process behind his commercial sugaring operation from sap harvesting to syrup bottling,   seeing and learning about Great Mountain Forest’s wide range of managed forests from their incredibly knowledgeable staff and experiencing a working sawmill and woodshop at ER Hinman and Sons in Burlington. 

The participants glowed with excitement over the experience:

“The CT Forestry Tour taught me everything” 
 “I loved the way you organized our trips from beginning through finished process of forestry.”
“Thank you for being so thoughtful and thorough.”
“In order to share knowledge and inspire others to learn we must be close to what we teach. Your organization and passion to share has inspired, deepened and widened my knowledge.”
“It was amazing to have landowners here too – total perspective.”
“I hope to be able to relay as much of my new found experiential learning in all that I do.”
“The variety of sites, speakers, and activities that clearly and deeply gave us the experiential learning to fully comprehend.”
“Well organized and relaxed environment. Non-judgmental and open to any questions.”
“I have a better understanding of the forest ecosystems in CT and how and why they should be managed. Cutting down trees isn’t always bad!”
“I’ve gained an understanding/appreciation of the art and science of logging and forestry and will whole heartedly steer the conservation minded young folks towards it.”
“This year’s program was special to me because I attended, both as a TIMPRO CT member and a Connecticut Landowner. I was proud to meet so many dedicated professionals and to observe what we’ve accomplished. Programs such as this benefit all Connecticut residents and help us in TIMPRO CT achieve our goals of informing the public about forestry.” 

These comments, the smiles on their faces and the various ah-ha moments throughout the three days helped reinforce my love for what I do.  Thank you to all our sponsors, partners and various volunteers for making this wonderful program possible and for keeping my job exciting and educational each and every day! 

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