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Partnership Helps Increase Protected Trail

Tunxis Trail in Southington

In 2016, CFPA was contacted by the Environmental Learning Centers of CT (ELCCT) about a property that they were planning to acquire along the Tunxis Trail in Southington, but they needed a little bit of funding to bring the project to completion. CFPA worked with ELCCT to provide some funding to the project while acquiring a permanent trail easement along the trail on this newly acquired ELCCT property.

These types of partnerships are vital to increasing the pace and amount of trail protections throughout the Blue-Blazed Hiking Trail system. CFPA works closely with hundreds of non-profit, private, municipal and state partners across the state and our work would not be possible without every single one. If you or someone you know would like to work with CFPA on additional trail protections, contact CFPA’s Land Conservation Director, Lindsay Suhr, at lsuhr@ctwoodlands.org .