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New Auerfarm State Park Conservation Easement

Dan Donahue, Elizabeth Schiro, Eric Hammerling, Lindsay Suhr at CFPA Headquarters.

In December of 2014, CFPA acquired a conservation easement over the newest State Park in Connecticut called Auerfarm State Park Scenic Reserve. This 40-acre property has a rich history, at one point being part of the larger 230-acre Auerfarm owned and run by the Auerbach family. Auerfarm was founded in the early 20th century and was managed for 40 years as a working farm with dairy cows, poultry, and apple orchards. In 1976, 120-acres of Auerfarm were donated to form the 4-H Education Center at Auerfarm, which provides agricultural education to the greater Hartford region.

The new Auerfarm State Park Scenic Reserve abutting the 4-H Education Center further builds on the legacy of the Auerbach Family. The property and easement donor, Elizabeth Auerbach Schiro is the daughter of Dorothy (Auerbach) and Bernard Schiro. They, along with Georgette Auerbach Koopman and Richard Koopman, had the foresight to preserve 120 acres of the farm for continuing agricultural education. Ms. Schiro is also the granddaughter of Beatrice Fox Auerbach who was the driving force behind the long-term success of the farm. 

This foresightedness is not lost on Elizabeth Schiro. In a time where the vulnerability of state land is so prominent, Ms. Schiro is ensuring that the State can never develop this precious piece of land by donating a conservation easement to CFPA. She has also made a generous monetary donation to endow the easement and CFPA’s conservation program well into the future.

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Auerfarm State Park Scenic Reserve maintains some of the most scenic views of the Metacomet Ridge on the nearby Talcott Mountain State Park and the variety of habitats, including woodlands, apple orchards, and grasslands, act as valuable feeding, resting, and breeding sites for an array of  wildlife. CFPA is excited to add this beautiful property to its portfolio and thanks Ms. Schiro for her generosity and careful attention to this wonderful state asset.

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