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Meet Land Steward Volunteer Walt Harris

Walt Harris - CFPA Land Steward Volunteer

Walt joined the Connecticut Forest & Park Association's (CFPA’s) land steward team in 2013 as the monitor for several CFPA protected properties. As a forest landowner himself, he understands the importance of regular property monitoring. Walt decided to get involved with a Connecticut environmental organization after taking a forest stewardship class through the UConn Extension Center. He was familiar with CFPA from years of reading the Connecticut Woodlands magazine that sat on his parents’ coffee table. Through various interactions over the years Walt was, “very favorably impressed with the professionalism of the CFPA staff” and when he retired and returned to Connecticut, he got back in touch with CFPA to help him learn more about his land and how best to manage it.

When asked what the best part about being a land steward is, Walt did not have just one answer.

“Number one: it gets me outside. I spent my whole career in office settings, so when I was ready to retire I knew I wanted to spend as much time as possible outdoors. As a land steward, my primary task is to walk the land and monitor properties preserved by conservation easements. It’s a great way to enjoy the outdoors and get reacquainted with beautiful parts of Connecticut. And number two: I love meeting other landowners and comparing notes with them about mutual experiences we’ve had with our land. It was helpful to find out that many of the concerns I’ve had with my land—such as boundary issues, invasive species, water and wildlife habitat—are common to many folks. We’ve been able to share those experiences and discuss ways to address the various issues that crop up from time to time. Many of us here in Connecticut live in the forest, and we hope to preserve its natural resources and beauty for generations to come.”

If you would like to join Walt on the Land Steward Team, select here to learn more about the program and how to get involved.