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CT's Forest Industry: Valuable or Not?

Logs waiting to be milled in CT

As forestry and recreational professionals we often wonder how to make the case for the important work we do. When budgets are tight, it is extra critical to show that the forests we advocate for, educate about, conserve, and connect people to have an impact across various sectors of the economy. A new report published by the North East State Foresters Association does just that. It documents that the gross output of Connecticut’s forest products and forest-based recreation industries together total over $3 billion annually and support almost 13,000 jobs. 

This report also presents issues that may affect the future of these industries in Connecticut -- land fragmentation by development, climate change, disease and pests, and reduced federal and state funding -- and frames them in terms of the economic harm they can cause. Hopefully with this new information, it will be easier to assert that these industries with their myriad of benefits are worthy of support because they are an integral part of Connecticut’s economy.

To view the press release/summary from the CT DEEP, click here.

To view the full report, click here.