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Zulick Trail Easement

Property Type: 
Trail Easement
0.3 Miles
Public Access: 

Public access allowed via Nipmuck Trail. No parking on site. Visit our Interactive Trails Map for parking along the Nipmuck Trail.

Property Description: 

This trail conservation easement was donated to CFPA by Marlene Zulick in 1999. Ms. Zulick had the forethought to work with CFPA to permanently protect the trail before she sold her land because of her love for the trail. 


"Many of our trails, located primarily on private land, are at risk today due to increasing development pressure...Providing permanent protection for the trail is a gift that will be appreciated not only by today's hikers, but also by future generations." - John Hibbard, former CFPA Executive Director in letter to Ms. Zulick

Bridge on the northern section of the Nipmuck Trail