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Northern Suffield Mountain Trail Easement

Property Type: 
Trail Easement
3.72 Acres
Public Access: 

Public access allowed via the New England Trail.

Parking Information: 
Parking on Rising Corner Road just north in Massachusetts.
Property Description: 

Over 40 years ago, the Metacomet Trail in northern Suffield was moved out of the woods and onto a 2.5 mile road walk on Warnertown Road. In late 2016, an easement was acquired to PERMANENTLY protect the trail on the most northern property in Connecticut. This restored section of trail passes through beautiful woodlands that provide scenic views and much more enjoyable hiking along the Metacomet Trail section of the New England National Scenic Trail. This project highlights CFPA’s ongoing need to continue building relationships with all of our trail hosts and we thank the thousands of Blue-Blazed Hiking Trail hosts across the state for their generosity!

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