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Hubbard Brook Preserve

Property Type: 
75 Acres
Public Access: 

Public access allowed via Scovill Loop Trails.

Parking Information: 
Parking at 3556 River Road
Property Description: 

The Hubbard Brook Conservation Easement was donated to CFPA in 2007. This important site hosts the Scovill Loop portion of the Blue-Blazed Hiking Trails and protects a section of forested land along the Connecticut River. Its diversity of habitats makes for a unique hike each time one visits.


“It is a beautiful property with considerable conservation value: upland and wetland forest stands, two ponds, streams, high rocky ledge, scenic views, wildlife habitat, and a stretch of western bank of the Connecticut River itself.” - Adam Moore, former CFPA Executive Director

Hubbard Brook Preserve - Middletown