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Highlawn Forest

Property Type: 
256 Acres
Public Access: 

Public access allowed via Highlawn Forest Trails.

Parking Information: 
Parking at CFPA Headquarters, 16 Meriden Road, Rockfall
Property Description: 

The Highlawn Forest Conservation Easement was donated to CFPA in the will of John R. Camp. The property was set aside as a demonstration forest and outdoor classroom. The Highlawn Forest Trails traverse the property creating about 3 miles of hiking in this highly developed area of the state. The unique ecological composition of this property, featuring conifer plantations, mixed hardwood forest, and red maple swamps supports a diverse array of wildlife species.

Property Map: 

“I think it’s too precious to be allowed to be developed for houses and I’m glad it’s going to continue to be a forest after I’m gone.” – John R. Camp, property donor

Highlawn Forest - Middletown