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Atwood Property

Property Type: 
41 Acres
Public Access: 

No Public Access

Property Description: 

The Atwood Conservation Easements encompass the majority of a working farm that was in the Atwood family for five generations. These easements were donated in 20 acre pieces in 1999 and 2011. The property is situated at the former junction of three Connecticut Blue Trails. The farm’s working forests, wetlands, and open fields provide habitat for a variety of wildlife including declining early successional bird species.

Property Map: 

“The conservation of significant parcels of open space like this one is essential for Wolcott to retain its character and appeal. The Atwood Family does a great service for the community by willingly retaining this land as open space. This property is adjacent to a network of uninterrupted forests and this network provides an area of unfragmented habitat for a variety of wildlife.”  - David Beers, Consulting Forester at Connwood Foresters, Inc.

"The Town of Wolcott has changed in my lifetime from a rural farming community to a bedroom town.  As the fifth generation owner of the Farm, I was looking for the best way to protect our family farm for the long term.  The area is no longer productive enough to interest the State in development rights so donation was the logical alternative.  With the historic Grand Junction right in front of our barn, CFPA was the organization of choice to hold the easement." - Walt Atwood, Easement Donor

Oak Tree at Grand Juction