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CFPA Donor Plays Important Part in Federal Effort to Save CT’s only Native Rabbit

Chris Glenney and Ted Kendziora on Glenney Easement

Chris Glenney is not your ordinary conservation easement donor. When he donated a conservation easement along with his family to CFPA for almost 400 acres of forestland in Lisbon, he was determined to continue working the land and improving its health for wildlife.

In 2014, he hired Connwood Foresters to update his forest management plan, which led to plans for the creation of young forest patches that would benefit a variety of species including the New England Cottontail. The New England Cottontail is a species being considered for protection under the Endangered Species Act and efforts across New England have been underway for several years to improve habitats for their survival. Chris Glenney’s property falls within one of two strongholds in Connecticut that supports populations of this species.

The wonderful work being done on Chris Glenney’s property highlights how valuable working lands easements can be. While Dr. Glenney’s property is protected from development by the conservation easement, reserved rights for continuing forestry work allowed this important work to be accomplished.   In fact, this work is so important, it has gotten press across the state. Just last week NPR wrote an article featuring the work being done on Chris Glenney’s property. Click here to view the NPR article.

We thank Chris Glenney for his generous gift and are excited to see him realizing his dream of continuing to work the land. Keep up the great work!