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You + Trails = FUN!

You and CFPA overlap to create trails Venn Diagram

Trails were built for you … and they cannot exist without you.

Your support is very important and we are so grateful for your generosity.

Trails provide people a much deeper connection to the natural world. When you give to CFPA, your gift protects the future of trails and the forests where they weave their magic for your future.

However, let’s keep it simple for today. Your role and its result are expressed in another equation:

You + Trails = FUN

Keep trails fun, healthy, funded properly, and thriving. Give Today!

A Complex Web

You might not realize the full extent of cost and work needed to keep the Blue Trails crisscrossing the state. You also might not realize that the trails are an important part of CFPA’s historic effort to protect forests for you and your loved ones.

Volunteers build and maintain trails, but trails are not free.

  • Relationships with landowners must be built and stewarded
  • Volunteers need training and organization
  • Tools are needed to work the trails
  • Paint needs to be purchased, stored and distributed
  • Professional support, places to meet, printing,, etc. are required for trails to exist

Trails are more than quiet paths in the woods; they are a complex and interconnected web on private and public lands that require careful stewarding.

Your giving stewardship is important – keep up the good work so CFPA can keep trails up for you. Please Give Today!