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The Winslow Society

The Winslow Society Logo with Tree

The Winslow Society is a group of individuals who believe they can be impactful through yearly giving at the $1,000 or higher level. These are people who share a deep dedication to conservation and who know their higher level of support can have a substantial effect.

There are many ways to become an annual member of The Winslow Society:

  • Make a gift of $1,000.00-- Donate Now or send us a check (CFPA, 16 Meriden Road, Rockfall, CT 06481).
  • Set up monthly recurring gifts of $84/month or more here.
  • Make multiple cumulative gifts throughout the year (including membership) to total $1,000 or more.

If you have any questions about CFPA's Winslow Society please contact Jim Little by phone at 860-346-TREE (8733) or email at jlittle@ctwoodlands.org.

Benefits of Membership in The Winslow Society

Members of The Winslow Society join together in a shared passion to protect Connecticut’s forests, parks, and trails. Winslow Society members like you play a key role in supporting CFPA’s ongoing conservation activities around the state. Additional benefits include the following:

  •  Recognition in CFPA’s Annual Gift Report (unless you would rather give anonymously)
  •  Invitations to special Winslow Society events with CFPA leadership and fellow WS members (2x/year)
  •  The Winslow Outlook: A Society Newsletter (2x/year). Check out our first issue here!
  •  One gift CFPA membership for a friend or family member
  •  The benefit of knowing how impactful this level of giving can be to safeguarding Connecticut’s woodlands, parks and trails.


On December 30, 1895, a group of concerned citizens met at the home of Rev. Horace Winslow in the Weatogue section of Simsbury to found an organization known today as the Connecticut Forest & Park Association (CFPA). Rev. Winslow had served as interim minister at the Congregational Church in Simsbury and he was described as “a lover and planter of trees.” Mary R. Winslow, daughter of Horace and Charlotte Pettibone Winslow, was one of the Association’s founders and served as Corresponding Secretary from 1895 until her death in 1926.

Mary wrote “A few years ago, various persons in the State of Connecticut began to realize that the once magnificent forests of the United States were being rapidly destroyed both by the axe and by fire, while there was little provision made for reforestation. Deploring this condition of things, and desiring especially that the woods of Connecticut should be preserved and its people educated to protect, share, and value ornamental trees, a little company concluded to band themselves together and then ask others to join them for associated work…and thus was founded the Connecticut Forestry Association (later CFPA).”