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The Importance of Forests & Trails

The Blue-Blazed Hiking Trails were envisioned for enjoyment … and to grow Connecticut’s appreciation for forests. That was 90 years ago.

And it’s been working! Thousands of people enjoy the Blue Trails and the forests where trails live. Many trail users appreciate and work to protect the forests because they value the trails in their favorite woods.

CFPA started in 1895 when Connecticut was an overworked landscape - often on fire. Forests had been severely cut for charcoal and farms were abandoned as families moved west. CFPA worked for 34 years to grow forests. It was only after forests started to thrive that CFPA began to build trails. As forests expanded, there was the need to connect the next generation to forests. The thought was if people connected to and loved the forests, they would fight to protect them … and it worked. That’s how trails began in Connecticut.

Forests and trails continue to need protection today. Development and unusual storms resulting from climate change destroy forests and trails. Damage from superstorms may be one of the most notable symptoms of climate change … but healthy forests are part of the solution. Healthy forests are one of the best ways to mitigate climate change. They soak up carbon from the atmosphere to benefit all of us.

You need to continue the fight. Your generosity protects forests … please support CFPA and the forests and trails you value.

 East Peak Autumn View by Bill Flood