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The Give Jar

Lily and Clara with CFPA office dog Toby

It is said that the holidays are a time of thankfulness and hope for the future. At CFPA it is no different. This past December, we were visited by some of our favorite conservation champions, Lily and Clara.

Every few months, Lily and Clara will come to CFPA and give us the contents of their “give jar” because they love being outside and playing. Their parents, Adam and Fabricia, are teaching Lily and Clara to split their money into four categories: Save, Spend, Give, and College.

Lily and Clara have been donating to CFPA for several years, as their parents encourage them to save, spend and give with different, brightly labeled mason jars. The girls have chosen to donate their yellow “give jar” to CFPA because they love to run and play outside.

Seeing Lily and Clara in December was a great reminder of why we are protecting forests, parks and trails in Connecticut. They represent the next generation that will be able to raise their children with time outdoors because you helped to protect the land we all love. Be like Lily and Clara. Please consider supporting CFPA today.