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A Man of the Trees

Ed Richardson is a lover of notable trees and a collector of Connecticut Champion Trees. He is a long-standing CFPA Honorary Board Member. After retiring from the Phoenix Insurance Co., Ed became a self-taught tree expert and has identified and measured thousands of large trees for the Connecticut Notable Tree Project and Connecticut Botanical Society since 1987.

Because of his great service to CFPA and to the community of tree lovers, Ed was recently feted by friends at celebratory lunch. An Official Statement recognizing his service was issued by Governor Malloy, which was read to the group by CFPA Executive Director Eric Hammerling. Leo Hein of the Connecticut Wood Carvers Association hand carved a walking stick featuring Ed’s favorite tree, the Bur Oak, that was presented by CFPA President Eric Lukingbeal.

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Ed spent countless days in forests, on grounds of old estates, cemeteries, public parks, and private homes seeking arboreal giants. He was described in the Hartford Courant as “perhaps the most skilled chronicler of notable trees.” Ed led countless tree walks (many on Connecticut Trails Day) and created lovely tree maps for Bushnell Park, Cedar Hill Cemetery, Elizabeth Park, Florence Griswold Museum, The Institute for Living, and the John R. Camp Demonstration Forest at Highland Forest.

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A patient, humble, kind and generous man, Ed has taught many people to become lovers of trees, to explore, embrace, and protect Connecticut’s forests and open spaces. He is truly a man for all seasons and a role model for all of us.

The CFPA community is thankful for Ed’s long service to Connecticut’s trees and the people who love trees.