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Leave a Legacy for Your Loved One's Future

Thank you to all the generous CFPA donors.

Be a part of the Connecticut Forest & Park Association’s (CFPA's) Heritage Circle, a community of concerned members and friends who chose to make an enduring contribution to the conservation work you value.

Legacy gifts provide lasting support for CFPA’s mission—and they make you feel great!

If you have named us as one of the beneficiaries of a retirement plan or named CFPA in your estate plan, please tell us so we can add you to the Heritage Circle.

The Van Zandt’s did so in a careful and generous manner.


An Exciting Legacy for Exciting Lives

How does one provide for retirement, benefit children and/or grandchildren, provide for the organizations they value, and save taxes? These are legacy issues faced by many people, and were challenges that Sidney and her husband Sandy Van Zandt wrestled with and resolved.

The Van Zandt’s are outstanding supporters of CFPA. Sidney became a member of CFPA’s board in 1969 and served until 1982, when she and Sandy left to build a boat and sail around the world (they told their parents they were only going to New Zealand, but why stop at New Zealand)! Sidney is now a CFPA honorary board member. Sidney helped found the Groton Open Space Association in 1967, and was instrumental in protecting Groton’s Bluff Point, Haley Farm and other important open spaces. In a recent article celebrating Sidney’s 80th birthday, Steve Fagin of The Day noted, “If Sidney is the one person you want on board to organize a campaign to create a new park, Sandy is the guy you want at the helm in a force 10 gale.” They are conservationists, avid sailors, and concerned parents.

The Van Zandt’s planned their legacy needs thoughtfully and were able to meet multiple goals through intelligent estate planning. Using charitable trusts, and the services of a community foundation, they will be able to maximize a stream of income while they are alive and, after they die, provide income to benefit their son. At the death of the second generation, a series of trusts will be established to provide grants for environmental education, open space, and CFPA. Their planning not only provides annual resources to CFPA long after their passing, but also allows the Association to ask for additional education and open space grants from the other funds they’ve set aside. The plan is flexible and saves taxes while they are alive.

CFPA is grateful to the Van Zandts for their generosity. We could not be as successful in fulfilling our mission without the legacies by generous benefactors such as Sidney and Sandy. If you have similar concerns or have estate planning questions, please call Jim Little, CFPA's Development Director, at (860) 346-TREE (8733).