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Insider Updates 2018

CFPA is now going to its supporters and visiting each county in Connecticut. The goal is to meet with supporters and volunteers and share stories, insights, and suggestions about the trails and Connecticut’s forested land.

On June 21 we visited the Connecticut College Arboretum and took a guided tour of the Native Plant Collection. After walking through the wildflower collection, the bog walk, and the azaleas, our group arrived at Buck Lodge for refreshments and a quick discussion about the Campaign to Protect Public Lands led by CFPA executive director Eric Hammerling. We also heard from the Groton Open Space Association (GOSA) and the Friends of Pachaug State Forest. 

We were thrilled to spend the summer solstice with our members. Thank you all for your on-going support!

Still haven’t been to an “Insider Update?” There are more on the way! In July we will be at the Westford Hill Distillers in Windham County, followed by a trip to Hanging Hills Brewing in Hartford in August. Keep your eyes peeled for more photos of our events, and if you’re a member, look for our invitation in the mail!

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