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Endowing the Future of CT Forests and Trails

Laura Clementsen enjoyed the CT trails on her cross country skis.

Laura Clementsen recording.crop.jpgLaura Clementsen loved life and lived it to the fullest, famously taking her first motorcycle ride on her 89th birthday. She was a school psychologist, a member of the WAVES in WWII, a cross country skier, and a columnist for The Cheshire Citizen. She started playing the recorder late in life and joined fellow recorder musicians every month in CFPA’s community meeting room for practice and community. Laura passed away in February, 2014, but she is still a donor to CFPA because of a generous legacy that continues her spirit of giving to our mission.

Laura Clementsen knew CFPA because of the Eastern Connecticut Recorder Society. The Society, an organizational member of CFPA, gathers monthly in our meeting room. CFPA’s Honorary Board member and retired Connecticut College professor, Sally Taylor, introduced the group to CFPA and for years they’ve called CFPA home when they’ve met and played. We are unsure what prompted Laura to leave such a generous and significant legacy to CFPA and, as the gift came as a surprise to CFPA, we’ll likely never know. We do wish we could have thanked her in person and told her the positive impact her legacy will make. She’d surely have smiled knowing her gift will help to ensure Connecticut’s land and trails are protected and maintained to be enjoyed and experienced by future generations. Laura’s positive impact on Connecticut conservation is impressive and we hope it will inspire others to leave their legacies to the forests, parks and trails of Connecticut like Laura.

Laura Clementsen 4.jpgPlanned Giving is a unique action to protect the future of an organization you value and love. Laura did so via a bequest in her will. It is simple, inexpensive and allows the donor to leave detailed direction for the gift, or to allow the organization to use its discretion. Please consider leaving a legacy that supports your vision for a forested Connecticut laced with trails for all to use. If you have questions, please call our office. If you have named CFPA in your estate, please tell us. We’d like to thank you in person.