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Discover Your Inner Linda...

Linda Cunningham

Above the kitchen sink in CFPA’s office is a small handwritten sign asking:

  What would Linda do?
  Discover your inner Linda!

It is a reminder that our friend Linda Cunningham is retired and we have to do our own dishes! She was always the person who took care of the office … and all of us. Linda is a model of giving - dishes cleaned, cakes for birthdays, cookies for snacks, and a delicious spread at board meetings (attendance increased dramatically when she started cooking for board meetings).

Now living in Denver, Linda continues to give to CFPA’s mission – and in a creative way. She just gave $5000 from her IRA. Linda utilized a special tax break, a qualified charitable distribution QRD, made permanent in 2015, allowing her to donate all or part of the minimum required distribution from her IRA to charity. The donation benefits Linda with her taxes and helps CFPA continue to thrive.

Contributions from retirement accounts such as 401(k)s and 403(b)s are not eligible for this tax break. However, you could consider a rollover to an IRA and then make a contribution directly to a charity. You must also be at least age 70 ½ at the time the distribution is made.

The gift is more than a tax-driven decision … it springs from her understanding of how CFPA’s mission impacts you and the community. As someone who volunteered and then worked at CFPA, Linda knows that only a very small percentage of trail users give back to trails. You can protect trails, forests, and parks with a gift. We hope you will consider doing so by year-end and help CFPA continue to conserve Connecticut for you … and to generate a potential tax break for yourself.

Discover your inner Linda and support CFPA with an IRA Distribution or a Legacy Gift. You can explore the many types of legacy giving that can leave a lasting, positive impact on your Connecticut land and trails HERE.

Questions? Contact Jim Little, CFPA's Development Director, by phone at (860) 346-8733 or  by email at jlittle@ctwoodlands.org.