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A Budding Conservationist

4 year-old Lily Fleming donates her savings to CFPA

After reading the book The Opposite of Spoiled by Ron Lieber, CFPA members Adam Fleming and Fabricia Carvalho were inspired to take action. They helped their four-year-old daughter, Lily, label three mason jars as Give, Save, and Spend respectively. Each Friday, Lily divided her weekly allowance among the jars for various goals she has: Give, “because I want to help people”, Save, because “I want to have a house someday”, and Spend, ”because I want to go to Disney”. While the amount she puts into each jar is her decision, Adam and Fabricia were often delighted that she put most of the money into the Give jar.

Lily and crew.crop.jpgThe Fleming family has hiked the Highlawn Forest trails at CFPA’s headquarters, and they explained to Lily that donating to the environment and CFPA benefits the entire community. As a way of making Lily's giving more real and tangible, the Flemings visited CFPA to make her donation in person. We were delighted to receive her mason jar full of donations and to thank her in person. The CFPA staff was inspired and touched.

We hope all lovers of forests, parks, and trails will be like Lily so that all can enjoy a fun and forested Connecticut.