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2021 Annual Fund

Keep our trails unbroken!

That’s right, many of our Connecticut trails are in extreme danger of closing right now.

That may come as a surprise, but it’s painfully true. 40% of the Blue-Blazed trails are vulnerable on unprotected private land. Wonderful landowners host trails on their land. However, if the properties are sold, the new owner can kick the trail off their property.

When they do that, we hikers have no choice but to comply. The work-around is to re-route the trail to the nearest road. It’s their right… and it happens all the time.

Trail Closed Sign

Give today to keep trails unbroken. If you give today, your gift will double.

That’s because of matching funds from a group of generous supporters who believe, as you do, that keeping our trails unbroken is something we all care about.

Whole sections of some of the most beautiful trails in the state could be blocked. It could happen at any time.

YOU can prevent this loss. Your donation to the 2021 CFPA Annual Fund will help keep our trails unbroken. Just as they ought to be... unbroken walks through forest and open land!

Remember, if you give right away, your gift will DOUBLE. Every dollar will become $2 for our trails. Available only until December 31st.