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2014 Annual Fund

CFPA staff "digs in" to protect forests, parks, and trails

Your gift to Connecticut Forest & Park Association's (CFPA’s) Annual Fund is critical to protect Connecticut forests, parks and trails. If we all ‘dig in’ together, it is amazing what we can achieve.

  • Healthy forest and parks.
  • Kids outdoors instead of indoors on electronic devices.
  • More protected trails.

Please make your Connecticut a better...more fun place to live.

Have you ever considered the power of a reoccurring, monthly contribution? Please consider setting up this easy gift today.


Click on the amount that is just right for you

$10/month would support travel monitoring one CFPA conservation easement (we hold 17 easements protecting 1,784 acres in perpetuity)

$20/month would support maintenance of 1 mile of trail for the year (there are 825 miles to maintain)

$30/month would support 10 gallons of blue trail-blazing paint (yep - that's a lot of blazes for volunteers to blaze!)

$40/month would support 2 weeks of lodging for 1 Americorps trails crew (they did great work on the Mattatuck Trail)

$50/month would support training for 4 educators who will together reach over 1,000 students (that's a lot of leverage for your investment!)