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12 Days of CFPA

A hiking group from Trails Day.

Thank you for supporting CFPA in 2019! Here are 12 things you can celebrate with us:

  1. One year of the Constitutional Amendment to protect Connecticut's public lands. This was a HUGE win for the state, and it deserves to be celebrated! Read more about our fight to protect public lands here.
  2. Twenty editions of the Connecticut Walk Book. 
  3. Three years of Summer Trail Crews. Each crew has been incredibly hard-working and has made such a difference on the Blue-Blazed Trails. We are looking forward to hiring our 2020 crew! Read about the summer opportunity here.
  4. Four days of the Connecticut Coverts Project in Great Mountain Forest. Coverts has been going on for more than two decades, and every year we dedicate four days to teaching local landowners about forest management. Read more about Coverts here.
  5. Five years of the Master Naturalist Program at Goodwin Conservation Center. Each year Connecticut residents train to become master naturalists with hours of classroom time, hands-on learning, research, and community work. Check out the Friends of Goodwin Forest to learn about the program.
  6. Six years of the Blue-Blazed Trail Running Series. This year at the Volunteer Dinner & Annual Meeting, we awarded the 2019 series winners. We are so grateful for Emma Palmacci and Dom Wilson, two Shenipsit Striders, who are integral to the planning and success of the series. Check out the series website here.
  7. Seventh graders from Windham schools had the opportunity to visit Goodwin State Forest. These students, many of whom had never spent time in a forest, learned about the importance of healthy growth and uses of forest products.
  8. Eight properties owned and managed by CFPA. in 2019, we completed management plans for three of these properties. These plans focus on wildlife diversity, forest management, and increased recreation. Check out our Protected Properties map to read about each property.FIeld Forest.jpg
  9. Ninety years of the Blue-Blazed Hiking Trails in Connecticut. Created in 1929, the Blue Trails have grown from one trail at Sleeping Giant State Park to over 825 miles of trails throughout the state. Check out our interactive map to plan your next hike!
  10. Ten staff members at CFPA. This year we said goodbye to our Education Director, Emma Kravet, who decided to enroll in nursing school (Good Luck, Emma!). We also welcomed Brennan Turner aboard, who works as our Field Coordinator on the trails. 
  11. Eleven consecutive years of the largest Trails Day in the country. Thank you to everyone who participated in Trails Day 2019, we hope to see you again in 2020! Trails Day event registration opens January 6.
  12. One hundred twenty four years of CFPA. Can you believe CFPA has been around since 1895? Next year, we will celebrate our 125 birthday. We hope you'll celebrate with us!


Thank you for making 2019 such a memorable year. We are so grateful for our volunteers and supporters. We wish you all a Happy New Year!