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Protected Trees are Happy Treez
They're back! Check out where we've been in 2019 and where we'll be next!
Question 2 Lawn Sign at Library Exhibit
Our Winslow Society gathered for the unveiling of a new CFPA exhibit in the State Library displaying our history in the Connecticut Legislature. You can visit the exhibit, too!
Find out how REI is supporting its local outdoor organizations in Connecticut and how YOU can vote for REI to support CFPA.
Mike and Brenda Lynch
Mike and Brenda Lynch are charter members of CFPA's Winslow Society. Read more about how they became involved and what they've done to protect trails in Connecticut!
2018 was a year of great successes at CFPA. Read about how you made a difference in education, advocacy, and more.
Circumzenithal Arc
What's with the mystery rainbow? Read more about it and pick up some winter hiking tips!