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Safety Guidelines for CFPA Programs & Events

CFPA's educational initiatives have adapted to our changing world. We are now offering virtual experiences for schools, landowners and the general public. We are continuing to offer in-person outdoor experiences that meet the updated safety guidelines below. For specific guidelines for trail volunteers, visit our Trail Maintainer page.   

Connecticut Forest & Park Association

Public Program & Event Covid-19 Safety Plan

August 26, 2020

To promote health and wellness within our CFPA community, we have outlined best practices to safely offer public programs during COVID-19. While we cannot remove all risks, we can make every effort to mitigate exposure and standardize our protocols. To continue offering educational programs and events, we will need the help of everyone to follow the recommended procedures outlined below.

These recommended procedures are intended to support program participants, CFPA volunteers, and staff.  Decisions will be made based upon current and emerging directives from the CDC, CT DEEP and the Governor as the COVID-19 crisis evolves.

Please note that knowledge of COVID-19 is changing all the time and these practices are subject to change on short notice. We are taking a conservative approach to group events because your safety is our top priority. Thank you for your support in making the extra effort required to stay healthy!

Program Location: Outdoors only, in areas where it is possible to social distance 6-feet between participants.

Program Requirements:

  • 25 or fewer participants per group, at the discretion of the program leader based on the ability to social distance in the program location. 
  • Pre-registration, signed waiver, and self-assessment form are required to participate. Participants will be emailed waiver and self-assessment after registration. Self-assessment form must be submitted within 48 hours of the program’s start time. Name and phone number will be collected with registration for contract tracing purposes. A contact phone number will be made available for those who want to pre-register without using a computer.
  • Program leaders will verbally provide health & safety reminders to participants at the beginning of each program and throughout the program as needed. These reminders will include: recommendations for social distancing (demonstrate the distance of 6 feet), required mask usage, prohibitions on sharing equipment, and that those with symptoms of ill health (fever, cough, recent loss of taste/smell, etc.) should not attend the program.  
  • Program attendees required to wear masks. Hand sanitizer offered to participants, masks will be available for those whose masks become unusable during the event.  
  • Volunteers who lead programs will participate in an online orientation prior to their program. The orientation will clarify safety expectations and roles of both staff and volunteers in abiding by safety procedures.  
  • For those programs that have a registration fee, online pre-payment is required as part of the registration process.
  • No more than one program offered at one time at one location.

Other Health & Safety Precautions: 

  • No dogs allowed at public programs  
  • Participants will not share equipment. Equipment will be sanitized after use by staff members who wear gloves.
  • Portable toilets available for public use at Goodwin Conservation Center. Other locations vary in the availability of restrooms.
  • Seating allowed on ground, benches or covered picnic tables (using washable or disposable coverings)
  • Please refer to THIS GUIDANCE from the CDC for proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) usage and recommendations.