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Did You Miss Tree School? It's Not Too Late!

Looking to engage elementary-aged kids with the outdoors this fall? Or perhaps you are a teacher, looking to enrich your online or school-based learning as the school year approaches?

Tree School, sponsored by the Connecticut Forest & Park Association and the Department of Energy & Environmental Protection, provides seven sets of fun, hands-on learning activities that can be done inside or outdoors in backyards and local parks. Each set has a theme that revolved around trees and forests. Themes include “We All Need Trees”, “Tree Helpers”, “How Trees Grow” and “Happy Hikers”.

Activities are provided by Project Learning Tree, an award-winning Environmental Education curriculum for youth grades PreK-12. You can learn more about Project Learning Tree activities for teachers and families at www.plt.org.  


Our Spring 2020 Tree School participants had a great time! Here are some comments they shared with us after their experience:

“Tree School sparked my curiosity and gave me a place to start to explore on my walks.”

“We enjoyed exploring the outdoors, making crafts with what we found outdoors.”

“My grandkids and I enjoyed participating in this Tree School Program.”

“Nice Ideas!”

“Tree School has helped me to connect to people, not just to nature.”

To access all seven sets of Tree School activities, visit this link.