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CFPA strives to facilitate strong connections between Connecticut residents and the forests and parks of our state. We offer educational programs for children, youth, families and adults, coordinate the award-winning Project Learning Tree (PLT) curriculum, and train volunteers to lead "Rambles" (guided hikes). Join CFPA as we explore the hidden gems of Connecticut’s forests!


Salamander larvae and egg
First, beginning in March, come the fairy shrimp...
The restoration of an old apple orchard, a new forest management plan, and the creation of a family campsite are all projects Brian Krett, a Coverts Cooperator from the 2016 cohort, has been tackling since completing the seminar.
Ever wonder how CT wildlife survive the winter months? Read on to discover how frogs, bumblebees and deer make it through!
CFPA members and guests came armed with questions and concerns to Master Naturalist Brad Robinson's talk on Gypsy Moths yesterday evening. He was prepared.
Discover the joy of lifelong learning
Search for upcoming rambles, workshops, mini-courses, outings, and more. Lifelong learning—naturally!
This Fall, legendary “Forest Forensics” expert, Tom Wessels, paid a visit to CFPA and stumped the experts!