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Coverts Project Cooperator 2019 Interest Form


Thank you for your interest in the Connecticut Coverts Project. The Connecticut Coverts Project is seeking woodland owners who want to learn about, practice, and help others understand good forest and wildlife stewardship. This application is an important step in helping us locate enthusiastic individuals to become Coverts Project Cooperators. If you own or help manage some forestland, and are interested in becoming a Cooperator, please complete this form as soon as possible. There is a $150 fee for this program and will cover three nights of accommodations at Great Mountain Forest, meals, and the Coverts Project reference materials. The 2019 Coverts Project Seminar dates will be determined soon and will be held in September 2019.

If you would like to receive information about the Coverts Project Seminar once we have set the date, please fill out the information below.

Coverts Cooperator Seminar Application

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