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Public Programs for Adults, Youth and Families!

Connecticut Forest & Park Association offers many ways to get outside for fun, adventure, and learning.  Join us for a guided Ramble or venture out on your own as you follow a letterbox clue or search for a treasure box using technology. If you have a child or teen in your life who is ready to give back to the community and environment, sign them up as a Junior Conservation Ambassador where they'll learn how to spread environmental awareness to others. CFPA also hosts indoor and outdoor workshops on topics such as wildlife, edible plants, wildflowers, invasive species, and mycology. 


CFPA Rambles

Take a break from the daily grind and join us for a refreshing adventure. CFPA Rambles bring families, fun, and the outdoors together. Led by trained volunteer Ramble Guides, these engaging outings are offered at trails around the state every month throughout the year. To join in the outdoor fun, visit CFPA Events Calendar for the current listing of adventures that await you and your family.



Enjoy the outdoors as a family or individual as you follow the clues to find the hidden CFPA letterboxes. Letterboxing is an outdoor treasure hunt in which one searches for hidden boxes filled with a creative stamp and logbook. For a list of CFPA's clues, please visit the following links:

Interested in a weekday letterbox? Let us know how you've been enjoying Connecticut's great outdoors by sharing a photo and adding it to our album located in our office. Visit CFPA Letterbox for the clue.

*Based on the character, stories, and adventures of Flat Stanley® created by the late Jeff Brown of Stonington, CT. FLAT STANLEY® is a registered trademark of the Trust u/w/o Richard C. Brown f/b/o Duncan Brown.

Ranger Rick GeoCache Trail

CFPA's Highlawn Forest will become home to one of Ranger Rick's Geocache Trails provided by the National Wildlife Federation. Ranger Rick and his furry pals will be going geocaching here and will leave behind a trail of 8 hidden geocaches for you to find. For your adventure, you'll need:

  • Ranger Rick geocaching passport
  • GPS device (handheld or smartphone)
  • Coordinates for the trail (see listing below )
  • Sense of fun and adventure

CFPA is the Connecticut affiliate for the National Wildlife Federation.


Cache 1 - Nutria/Otter



Cache 2 - Mapache/Raccoon



Cache 3 - Conejo/Rabbit



Cache 4 - Zorro rojo/Red fox



Cache 5 - Buho/Owl



Cache 6 - Mofeta/Skunk



Cache 7 - Castor/Beaver



Cache 8 - Tejon/Badger



Junior Conservation Ambassadors

2017 registration is open!

Calling all Youth Conservationists! Feeling blue about the state of the environment? Interested in taking action for Connecticut's wildlife, land, and natural resources? 

Currently enrolled in grades 3 through 6? Then join our team of Junior Conservation Ambassadors (JCA) for outdoor explorations and action projects that benefit wildlife, woods, and you!

With indoor and outdoor experiences, you'll be ready to take to the trails and community sharing all that you have learned to make a positive difference in Connecticut's environment. From birds to water to trees, learn some foundations of natural history and ecosystem services, and get ready to become a Junior Conservation Ambassador. Bring your sense of wonder, your interest in sharing and connecting, and be ready to explore.

As a Conservation Ambassador, we’ll connect you to Connecticut’s great outdoors and help you use your creativity to embrace and empower others to understand more about our natural and outdoor world. Sign up for our e-news or visit the Events Calendar to learn about these or other upcoming sessions. Forms, fees, dates, and more info can be found by visiting Junior Conservation Ambassadors.